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Sports Management & Marketing Solutions


3M Mediaworks, is an early stage Indian startup focused on helping sports associations, corporates and sports NGOs leverage the country’s rapidly exploding sports culture to create unique sporting properties such as leagues and events that deliver maximum brand and consumer engagement to create lasting impact. We believe that sports can create powerful brands and consumer connect. 3M Media Works would like to see every Indian lift a bat or a racquet, swim a length or kick a ball or ponder over a chess board, lift a weight, hit a target or simply run. We are a sports-crazy company and we are here to help individuals, companies, sports bodies and any sports-thinking citizen to create, market and provide communication for sports events.



With each passing day, India is slowly but surely becoming a sporting nation. From being a cricket-crazy, one-sport people, we are today embracing a variety of sports. Professional sporting leagues for cricket, badminton, hockey, table-tennis and kabaddi are attracting international participation while sports like shooting, weight lifting, wrestling, athletics and are winning us medals on the international stage. School children are passionately playing football thanks to international football clubs investing in spread of the sport. A growing awareness of fitness is fueling the growth of gyms, athleisure and sports accessories.

Jitendra Jha’s experience in managing sports brands like BCCI and IPL for 20 years consecutively is testimony to the fact that 3M Mediaworks is a reliable partner delivering outstanding value. 3M Mediaworks can take complete control of your sports events, marketing and communication.


With a partner like 3M Mediaworks brands ranging from automobiles to financial services including banking and insurance can derive strong consumer and employee engagement through specially created sports events and leagues as well as through one-time events like marathons, fitness camps, inspirational talks from sports celebrities instituting sports scholarships and the creation of sports infrastructure. Similarly, sports associations can leverage 3M Mediaworks’s specialized expertise in creating sports leagues and its vast experience in sports communication to raise funds and create value for nurturing and growing sports talent.
3M Mediaworks is experienced in dealing with the sporting ecosystem of the country. 3M Mediaworks helps you navigate across sports federations, associations, brands, broadcasters & media so that a desired outcomes can be achieved according to timelines needed.




3M Mediaworks understands how to combine core brand values to design events that can be sustained for lasting impact.



3M Mediaworks's experience and relationships across sports administrators, media and sponsors results in timely delivery of events.



3M Mediaworks matches events with brands so that sponsorships deliver impact for sponsors and revenue to sports associations and leagues.



3M Mediaworks has unparalleled expertise in creating PR impact and can present several case studies that helped IPL, IHL, IKL and IBL launch in a way that captured the imagination and launched leagues and players in a way that made sports front and centre. 

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